Long after the Binding, the entity Tempus created Hell with the intention of having his own physical realm in which he could manifest. He forged it's appearence to be nothing short of intimidating and warlike, the architecture being simple in appearence but huge in scale. Eventually the souls of Tempus' followers were returned to their physical forms and warped into Demons to inhabit the realm.

Size and Landscape Edit

Hell was a very large realm, equal in size to it's Angel counterpart. However, most of it was barren, charred landscape. There was only one city, and it was roughly smaller then the average human city, but the buildings were very tall, huge towers and citadels scattered throughout. There were about a dozen outposts and a dozen fortresses in other locations throughout the realm, which served as a location for the Demon Military's training and duties.

Named LocationsEdit

Hell - The main city which serves as the capital of Hell also goes by the name of Hell, though it's citizens will sometimes refer to it as Tempus aswell, since Tempus is rarely referred to by his name.

Fort Kalerius - Named after the general Kalerius, this Fortress serves as the training center for the Demon's elite force, the Demon Legion.

Fort Snowhawk - One of the biggest Demon Fortresses, this Fortress stands on top of the only snowy region in Hell, amongst a formation of mountains.


Throughout history,the Demons and Angels had tension, since they would clash in the Human realm frequently. Though Hell had launched the first war, invading Heaven , the two had always fought evenly and the few times that a side had an advantage, it was due to strategic mastery.

After the Night of Glory and it's celebration, Tempus had grown increasingly distant from his followers, more so then usual, leaving the Demons to govern themselves and further develop the realm.