• The Kyuketsuki is a rare book, likely only a few copies in existence.

Book of VampiresEdit

The book was written by an unknown author thousands of years ago. The author must still be alive, as every other 500 years or so, edited versions show up in public. The extensive knowledge in the book does not only pertain to vampires, though it contains almost every bit of knowledge about vampires there is. Many other monsters are discussed and analyzed, mostly in their relationship to vampires.


There are colonies of vampires rumored to be of the purest breed, direct descendents of the first vampire. These colonies are rumored to exist in Japan, Sweden, and Russia. 

These vampires were once feared by all other species, and even other vampires, for their distinct advantage in power and ability to absorb the abilities of any species they killed, permanently adding them to their arsenal.

Hundreds of years ago, the colonies went completely underground, metaphorically, and there hasn't been a trace of a pure-blood vampire since. ________________________________________________________________________________________

The oldest legends of Vampires are always accompanied by the oldest legends of Werewolves. Rivals, allies, rivals, or allies. The position had always changed every couple hundred years, until the vampire's had gone underground and hidden from the other species.

While the existence of pure-blooded Vampires can be proven and traced, the existence of pure-blooded Werewolves has always been speculation, Werewolf folk tales being the only indication that such fearsome creatures may exist in the world.