Creation Edit

Before the existence of Earth and it's universe, there were eight Entities. They have always existed, and it is unknown how long before the universe was forged they had existed for. These Entities each had names and personalities, though the form they had is unknown. Six of these Entities had grown tired of their existence, and decided that they would attempt to create a Binding to forge a universe, known as the Great Realm.

The two Entities that refused to join this Binding were known as Torm and Tempus, to the surprise of the others, as it was the first time in their existence that the two had agreed on something. After the binding had ended, and the Great Realm was present, the two Entities co-operated to create life. They had many differences, but they found that the realm that their Entities had sacrificed themselves to create was almost as empty as the previous void.

Eventually they both created life in their image, creating two civilizations on a small planet called Earth. They left these civilizations to themselves, leaving to forge their own realms. As they created realms fitting their preferences and images, their created societies quickly began to conflict with each other. Both worshipped the entities that had created them, and thus their beliefs and culture varied to the point that war erupted. Though their technology was primitive and undeveloped, both races had minor powers similar to that of their Entity, and with them they began destroying each other.

In the second event of Torm and Tempus agreeing, they saw that their creations had failed their image of a thriving existence, and changed directions. Tempus turned from Torm's idea of creating a utopian society, and brought the souls of his slain followers into his realm, turning them into the High Race of Demons. Torm, irritated with Tempus' stubbornness, mimicked his actions, and with his slain followers created the High Race of Angels. They both decided to destroy the remnants of their societies civilizations, wiping away all of their powers, memory, and intelligence, eventually leading to the neanderthals that inhabited the world for thousands of years, leaving them to evolve back into intelligence naturally, in hopes that they would fix their mistakes themselves.

Of course, as humans knew, they never did, and they had their own wars and conflicts like their ancient counterparts. Early in the planet's existence, before humans had evolved into sentience, Torm and Tempus tried again, instead of making two large civilizations they made several smaller ones, seperated from each other somewhat by land. These initial races would later be known as the Pure Bloods of their race, as time, elimination, and isolated led to watered down subspecies becoming the majority for most of them, and is what also led to the high diversity of species amongst the planet, with humans taking majority due to their quick repopulation.